Slater, Iowa 
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  • SNOW ORDINANCE IS IN EFFECT FROM NOV 1st TO APRIL 1st.  Do not park on any street or alley during any snowfall and for 24 hours following the cessation of snowfall.

    Fines for violating this ordinance at $35.
  • Think Spring!  Now is the time to get the kids signed up for Little League. 
    Boys sign up by March 1st at ...
    Girls FORMS are due by February 20th.

  • Want to recycle your glass containers?  Now you CAN!  A glass recycling bin is located at Hwy 210 & Tama St. beside the Can Corral.
  • "Code Red" warning system -   More info HERE

  • Check out the can corral on Hwy 210 & Tama St. and help the Parks and Rec Board fund their projects!  Long range projects include a basketball court, development of baseball diamonds and more amenities for the current parks.

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