Slater, Iowa 
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  • The sidewalk and parking are in front of City Hall are being rebuilt!

    For your convenience, please use either drop box - at the post office or the drive thru on the back (west side) of city hall. Anyone needing to visit City Hall will need to enter through the door on the south of end of the building for approximately 2 to 3 weeks. This access is not handicapped friendly. If you can not enter through this door, please call us before you come at 515-685-2531 and we will help you into the building.

    This project is funded by a grant from Story County Urban Renewal Program. We hope to renovate more of the Main Street district through these grants!

  • Branch and limb chipping!  Have all branches and limbs to the curb by 7 am.  Nothing over 10 inches in diameter please.  Next date: September 14th

  • Want to recycle your glass containers?  Now you CAN!  A glass recycling bin is located at Hwy 210 & Tama St. beside the Can Corral.
  • When seconds count! Story County Emergency Management now has a new mass notification system, Story County Iowa Alerts, to alert residents of danger. Code Red which has been used by Ames, Nevada and Story County will end March 1st, 2015 and messages will be sent from Story County Iowa Alerts. It is important for everyone to register on the new system regardless if you were registered with Code Red before. To receive alerts on your cell phone or email you will need to follow this link, to the Story County Iowa Alerts webpage to register

  • Check out the can corral on Hwy 210 & Tama St. and help the Parks and Rec Board fund their projects!  Long range projects include a basketball court, development of baseball diamonds and more amenities for the current parks.

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