City Election 2023

City and School Election Information 2023

Items on the November 7 Ballot for Registered Slater Voters

City Offices:

Mayor (vote for no more than one)

  • Taylor Christensen
  • Gary D. Halverson
  • Write-in vote (if any)

City Council At-Large (vote for no more than two)

  • Craig Conley
  • Joel Newman
  • Write-in vote (if any)
  • Write-in vote (if any)

School Offices:

Ballard School Director At-Large (vote for no more than one)

  • Nick Hurst
  • Joshua Kruse
  • Jean E. Saveraid
  • Write-in vote (if any)

Ballard School Director District 1 (vote for no more than one)

  • Kirk Peterson
  • Write-in vote (if any)

Ballard School Director District 2 (vote for no more than one)

  • Tim VanLoo
  • Write-in vote (if any)

Des Moines Area Community College Director District 6 (vote for no more than one)

  • Denny Presnall
  • Harold D. Zarr Jr.
  • Write-in vote (if any)

Public Measure

Shall the City of Slater, Iowa, authorize a loan agreement and issue its General Obligation Capital Loan Notes in an amount not exceeding the amount of $2,500,000 for the purpose of paying costs of designing, constructing, equipping, and furnishing a new Community Center and Library to be constructed on city-owned property located at 405 Main Street, with parking improvements, landscaping, signage, and related site improvements?

  • vote yes or no


To view a sample ballot, find information regarding voter registration, or see how to vote by absentee ballot, please go to the Story County City School Election webpage here.


Additional information from the city regarding the bond vote:

The option to move forward with a second attempt at passing a general obligation capital loan note (bond) was first discussed at the August 14, 2023 regular city council meeting. It was then discussed at a special meeting on August 28 that was open to the public and held at the library.  There were 23 in attendance which included the City Council, Library Board, Community Club, Friends of the Library, Building Project Committee and local residents and business owners.  Council had an open forum discussion with all present regarding the Community Center/Library project. Slater Council passed a Resolution at the September 11, 2023 Council meeting that approved the wording and placement of the bond request on the November 7, 2023 ballot. 

Discussions have revolved around possible downsizing the project, but all would like to see it move forward in some manner.  There are grants available, but it is required to have at least 60% of funding in place in order to apply for these grants.  As currently planned, the project is estimated to cost $7.6 million  This means fundraising needs to be at $4.5 million in order to apply for grants.  Current fundraising is at $1.7 million.  If the community approves the $2.5 million bond (requiring a minimum of 60% of the voters to be in favor of the bond in order to pass) then the City can write grants AND will continue to do fundraising with the intent to NOT use the entire bond. 

The direction of the project is now in the hands of the residents / voters.

If you have any further questions, please call city hall at 515-685-2531, or email us at


Contact Info

Jennifer Davies
City Administrator/ Clerk
101 Story Street