The Slater Public Library is a crucial resource for our idyllic small town of 1,489, a self-proclaimed “community united for progress” in central Iowa.
While much larger communities of approximately 50,000-60,000 people are within a 20-minute drive, the Slater Public Library has come to offer innovative programming for all ages and modern technology with training and support. Our staff works effectively and proactively within the community to partner with other local organizations and businesses.
Small libraries have a choice when it comes to serving their patrons and communities: They can offer minimal service and cede much of their mission to the larger libraries in the major metros, or they can strive to find ways to provide full service to their patrons where they live. We provide quality materials, technology, programs and personal help right here in our small town. By promoting what we have to offer and building relationships within the community, we have seen huge increases in the number of people being served and are even drawing people to our library from the surrounding area.
Often we hear people who stop in for the first time tell us how surprised they are by our library. They didn’t think a town our size could support such a nice library where they could find just what they needed. We will continue to grow and evolve in order to provide the service required by our community right here in Slater, Iowa.
Fully accredited through 2023.

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